How to Orgainze Wedding Toasts With Multiple Speakers

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Choosing just one maid of honor or best man can be tough. After all, how do you pick between your sister and your best friend? If you knew you’d need to give a few people the special honor, the one thing you may not have thought about yet is speeches. Extra best men means extra toasts at your wedding reception, which could turn into extra time and extra jokes not all of your guests will understand. What should you do to keep speeches on-track with multiple best men and maids of honor? Don’t worry, our experts have a few tips.

If your maids of honor or best men are as close to one another as they are to you, consider asking them to give a joint speech, choosing the stories and advice together and then alternating who is speaking. It will probably be a little longer than an individual person’s toast would be, but it will be extra meaningful, infused with emotions from your relationship as a group and also one-on-one.

You could also have each of your maids of honor or best men write a brief toast, and have a single representative from the group read the message from everyone — a great option if someone doesn’t love public speaking.

If they don’t really know one-another, remind everyone that you’d like them all to speak, and that they should all try to keep their speeches on the shorter side. You might ask them to review what they’ll be talking about together, to make sure no one feels like their speech is being copied. Though it could be sweet to hear the story of how you and your fiancé met from each of their perspectives!

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As far as timing goes, you can either designate a longer time for speeches and do them all at once, or break speeches up over the course of the evening. Have both of your parents welcome guests and make toasts as everyone sits for dinner, then have half of the toasts as guests are starting their entrées. Finish off the meal with the remaining toasts, then go straight into cake cutting, your first dance, and the party. Just make sure everyone knows who is speaking and when so that they’re prepared!

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