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Your Vision, Our Lens: Tailored Videography Solutions

Elevate your brand by leveraging our conference videos, expertly tailored to attract sponsors, engage new customers, and expand your business.

We offer multi-camera filming, individual video segments for each speaker, and the seamless integration of presentation slides in post-production.

Expo Highlight Videos

Dive into the vibrant world of your expo with our meticulously crafted highlight videos. From showcasing unique vendors, captivating exhibits, and insightful speakers, to spotlighting exclusive merch and the bustling energy of the event, we capture it all. In an era of fleeting attention, our focus is to present the multifaceted layers of your expo in a manner that commands attention and fosters engagement. Through our lens, viewers will be inspired to connect, partake, and eagerly anticipate your next gathering.

Conference Highlight Videos

Conference highlight videos deliver an immense amount of information in a fast paced creative way. People’s attention spans are very short so grabbing viewers attention quickly and with intention is paramount. Our goal with your conference highlight video is to entice the viewer to want to see more of what you have to offer and motivate them to pick up the phone or email you for more information on your event. We want the viewer to mark your next event on their calendar right away.

Full Presentation Videos

Autumn Leaves Video Productions can film your conference with multiple cameras and break each speaker or presentation up into their own video. If the presenter is using slides in their speech we can incorporate those slides in post production as long as they are sent to us before the date of the event. Here are examples of individual presentation videos with slides added in.

Testimonial Videos

Harness the power of authentic voices with our on-site filmed testimonial videos. Captured during your event, these videos aim to capture the candid experiences of attendees, speakers, vendors, or anyone who engages with your event. The value lies in their genuine, unscripted sincerity, which resonates deeply with viewers. These aren’t just endorsements; they’re real stories from real people, delivering a level of trust and engagement that traditional marketing often misses.

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