everthing you need to know about planning a third wedding

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Every marriage is special, which is why divorcees about to walk down the aisle for the third time should feel just as excited about their wedding as they did the first or the second time around — if not more! But you may want to do things a little differently the third time around.

Whereas you may have been focused on formal etiquette for your first or second weddings, Aviva Samuels of Kiss the Planner says that common sense and good judgment should lead the way now. “If children are involved they should be the first to hear the news,” she says. The same goes for ex-spouses because of how a new marriage will change the family dynamic as a whole.

When it comes to sending invitations to all of the guests, keep in mind who’s hosting the reception. Many couples who are on their third marriage are paying for the wedding themselves, so that may play a role in how the invite is worded, says Samuels. Danielle Behar of Danielle Behar Designs suggests opting for something simple. “I would also add to the invite ‘no gifts please, just blessings’ or ‘your presence is our present, no gifts please,’ especially if these are third-time attendees,” she says. “You don’t want to make them feel like you are inviting them again to get a third gift.”

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Not interested in wearing white again? Celebrity wedding planner and Wedding Salon CEO Tatiana Byron says there’s really no need to stick to tradition when it comes to the dress. “It’s a perfect time to search for your ultimate dream gown,” she says, whether that may be a colorful ensemble, a two-piece set, or something short and daring.

Although the wedding itself for divorcees is usually more low-key, it should still be a “celebration of love, regardless of how many times either of you walked down the aisle before,” Byron says. That could mean an intimate gathering of family and close friends, a destination wedding to an island you’ve always wanted to visit, or a big, blow-out party — the choice is all yours.

“A third-time wedding celebration is typically less elaborate… but don’t let that stop you if you are excited to throw a big shindig for whatever reason,” Samuels says. “Whether you didn’t get to do so the first or second time around, or you just love to go big, you deserve the day that you want to have and should feel good choosing whatever suits you and your new spouse best. No one told Kim Kardashian, Tom Cruise, or Elizabeth Taylor that they couldn’t have the wedding, or weddings, of their dreams and no one should tell you that either.”

But if you do find yourself fielding rude comments from friends or family — “Again?” or “Is it for real this time?” — then it’s best to just ignore them and focus on planning a wedding that’s right for your and your fiancé. As Byron says, “Who cares about the haters, the loved ones in your life will respect all of your life choices.”

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