Colorado Drone Videography

Autumn Leaves Video Productions has licensed and certified commercial drone pilots on staff. Our Mavic 2 Pro drone is fully registered with the FAA and cleared for professional commercial filming. When reviewing any videographer’s credentials it is imperative to verify whether they can legally fly a drone or not. Failure to produce this documentation could result in the shutting down of any and all filming at an event. Do your research and make sure you know who you are hiring. Autumn LeavesVideo Productions drone pilots are happy to produce their Remote Pilot for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) certificates.

*ALVP must follow all FAA rules and regulations in regard to drone use. The Drone Pilot’s decision must be respected if they deem an area illegal or unsafe to fly in. It is the sole discretion of the Drone Pilot on whether or not a certain location is safe to film in. Factors that may prevent Drone use include adverse weather conditions such as heavy wind, rain, fog or lightning. Other determining factors may include obstacles such as power lines, street signs or general no-fly zones