Want to make your event the talk of the town?

The #1 Conference and eXpo in the world that brings together the top professionals from both the traditional and digital worlds of animation. Hosted by The Creative Talent Network® , this now 10 year event has captured both the industry and local community’s attention as a resource for education, employment, inspiration, business opportunities and most of all FUN!

Kevin Larson Presents continues to have the best denver halloween parties year after year. The creativity of the costumes stuns us every time. The winning costume this year had to be brought up through the freight elevator it was so large! A store bought costume isn’t going to win anything at this event!

It was an honor to film the ordination of two new Deacons in Boston, Massachusetts. The traditions of this church were so wonderful to witness in person, not to mention the stunning architecture surrounding us. Oh and we filmed this during a blizzard!

The most outstanding and lavish parties in Denver are produced by ‘Kevin Larson Presents’. We are honored to be the official videographer for these amazing parties. Join us at the ellie caulkins opera house for a new years eve celebration you’ll never forget.

The oriental Theater in Denver hosts an amazingly wide variety of both nationally touring acts and unique stage shows that push the limits of what audiences have seen before.

Autumn Leaves Video is the official videographer for the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation which raises funds and awareness for Epilepsy Research. This is an amazing organization and we’re happy to join them in their quest to help improve the quality of life of those living with Epilepsy.

Anytime the ‘Queen of Halloween’ makes a visit to denver we just have to be there! She brings a unique combination of burlesque and performance art to show you something you have never seen before and will never forget. These costumes are *amazing!*

Watch the amazingly talented Frank Pe from Belgium create this beautiful mural from start to finish. Learn how he designs and plans out his wonderfully creative ideas before putting the brush to paper.

Charlie’s a comedian, Emmy winning journalist and proud Wisconsin native. This live show was an absolute blast to film. Being from the midwest myself it was hard to hold the camera still while laughing. We just found out we’re filming Charlie again in February!

Watch Phantom Circus jump off the roof of a hotel in downtown Denver! Go behind the scenes to see how these daredevils accomplished this amazing feat. We definitely went outside of our comfort zone to get some of these shots.

We were lucky to document a Cannabis Bus Tour in Denver on 4/20. This was one of the most informative tours we’ve ever filmed!

We saw cars we had never seen before doing things that we didn’t know cars could do! A wide variety of Retailers, competitors, artists and detailing specialists make this a very interesting event. If you have the opportunity to attend this event we highly recommend doing so. There is something for the whole family to participate in here.