WATCH: Is Wedding Planning Driving You Crazy?

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WATCH: Is Wedding Planning Driving You Crazy?

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We all know that wedding-planning is no easy task. It’s essentially a massive, year-long project that encompasses everything from calculating the budget, finding the dream wedding dress, selecting the guest list, and so on. With so many tasks on your plate, on top of your everyday schedule, how does a bride not go crazy in the months leading up to her big day?

In this video, we’ve outlined the spectrum of crazy behavior caused by wedding planning, ranging from mild obsessiveness to severe cases of fiancé amnesia (okay, maybe not really the latter), but we have to admit — stress can cause some major head-spinning stupors. The first side effect of wedding planning overload we’ve noticed? Pinning marathons. And not the casual midday inspo planning, we’re talking the “late night, twenty-browsers-deep in style, fabric, color, and thread count of every kind of table linen” type of pinning. Trust us, we’ve all fallen into the Pinterest black hole. The lesson learned? Always pin with caution.

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Another planning-induced ailment? Sleep planning. Often in cases of brides with high-stress in full-blown worry mode, and occurring merely days before wedding day. Side effects include budget planning, list-making, and even angry outbursts at unmindful bridesmaids all while you’re blissfully asleep and your fiancé watches in fear. Lesson learned? Don’t let your wedding planning woes take over your nighttime rest. We promise, the details always work themselves out, and it’s definitely not worth losing your valuable sleep over!

Although the craziness of planning a wedding can seem entirely overwhelming, just remember — take a breathe and relax. We’ve all been there. Regardless of your color palette or reception décor, your guests are going to show up at the ceremony to support the union of you and your love, and they’ll appreciate what you put together for your big day.

Ready to watch the full video? Hit play and see if any of the telltale signs of wedding-planning craziness apply to you!

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