There’s no denying we love seriously pretty wedding décor, but beyond the gorgeous flowers and unique table settings, we know the ceremony is really the heart of the wedding. So when we find a couple that has exchanged really moving vows, we’re entirely smitten. While every bride and groom on our real weddings video channel tied the knot in a ceremony that was both moving and personal, we knew we found something really special in Lauren and Jon’s emotional Texas celebration.

Luckily for us, Brad & Monica Wedding Films joined this happy bride and groom for their big day, capturing every sentimental moment from their personalized vows. So what made their wedding exchange so special? For starters, their officiant totally knocked it out of the park, deftly guiding these emotional moments with humor and wit. Both even more important than her lead was the Lauren and Jon’s touching exchanges, which were packed with heartfelt promises and hopes for a bright future together.

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Some favorite lines included mutual proclamations that each “eagerly anticipated getting to know who the other will become, and falling in love a little more every day.” Not reaching for the tissues yet? Just wait! The couple’s family members offered some of the sweetest reception toasts.

But this wedding wasn’t just about happy tears; it was also about having a whole lot of fun! Lauren and Jon’s tented dance floor was packed with guests young and old all throughout the night. And when the party finally shut down, we’re sure everyone was still feeling the love.

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