Photos by Mandi Johnson via A Beautiful Mess
Ok so we are a couple of days late to the party, but let’s be honest if you are a true donut fan, then ery’day be donut day! So without further ado, here are our top 30 donut DIY’s to get you in spirit.
1. Donut Pillow: We like any excuse to turn normal household items into donuts and this is no exception! How tasty does this pillow look! It would take all my willpower to not munch on it, although it wouldn’t taste anywhere near as good as the real thing!

Photos by Mary Costa Photography via Studio DIY
2. Donut Tyre Prank: Kelly over at Studio DIY created these as a prank, but seriously if there was a way to permanently fix these to my car, they would be mine!

Photos by Studio DIY
3. Donut Sunglasses: If you haven’t guessed it already, Studio DIY is the queen of donut DIY’s, she can turn anything you can think of into a donut and we love her for it! These sunglasses scream “I LOVE DONUTS!” and are just the cutest summer accessory!

Photos by Aww Sam
4. Rainbow Marbled Donut: Bring some colour to the table with these marbled donuts. We can’t help but think of our Lisa Frank inspired shoot with these rainbow beauties!

Photos via Studio DIY
5. Donut Floppy Hat: If you are as obsessed with floppy hats as we are, you’ll love this summer accessory!

Photos by Studio DIY
6. Mini Donut Sprinkles: Because this is what happens when donut and cake get together!

Photos by  Jeff Mindel via Studio DIY
7. Donut Friendship Necklace: Teach yourself how to make these cute clay creations, with another tutorial from Studio DIY.

Photos via Why Don’t You Make Me?
8. Donut Clock: Skip the calories and get all the fun of National donut day with this adorable clock! The only problem is it might also entice you to eat a donut every time you look at it, which if it were us would be like every 5 minutes!

Photos by Jeff Mindell via Studio DIY
9. Donut Purse: We just can’t get enough of these cute donut accessories! This purse is super simple to make and there’s absolutely no sewing involved at all! So hands up who will be making one of these this weekend?

Photos via Bespoke Bride
10. Donut Soaps: These donut soaps look good enough to eat right! These would make awesome favours or even cute little gifts for your bridesmaids! Here’s what to do if you’d like to make your own.

Photos by Laura Gummerman and Janae Hardy via A Beautiful Mess
11. Donut Apron: This is quite possibly the sweetest apron of all time!

Photos via Sprinkle Bakes
12. Triple stack Donut Cake: Behold this wondrous creation! A three tier donut cake! It’s big on fun and it’s easy to make!

Photos via Bespoke Bride
13. Fun Pun Donut Boxes: Everyone loves a pun and we are yet to find someone who doesn’t love donuts so WIN WIN! This free printable tutorial couldn’t be easier, here’s how you can make your own.

Photos Brittni Mehlhoff via Paper n Stitch
14. Mini Donut Candy: They might not be the real deal but they still taste pretty damn sweet! Made with chocolate and peanut butter chips these are a pretty good alternative.

Photos by Trisha Zemp via The House That Lars Built
15. Donut Rug: Another perfect piece of home decor created from a plain old Ikea mat. The House That Lars Built is an actual genius!

Photos by Aww Sam
16. Conversation Heart Donuts: You know that when conversation hearts and donuts meet, it’s going to be pretty dang sweet!

Photos by Make and Tell
17. Donut Gift Bags: These cute little gift bags are so much fun! Super colourful, loads of sprinkles and filled with donut treats! What’s not to love!

Photos via Baba Souk
18. Paper Mache Donut & Garland: If you’re thinking about throwing a donut party you are going to need a few fun decorations and this Paper mache donut and garland would make the perfect accessories.

Photos via Bespoke Bride
19. Apricot Donut Glaze: If you fancy having a play around with making your own donut glazes, this apricot flavour will be right up your street! It is so yum!

Photos by Studio DIY
20. Donut Stools: These stools have to be one of my favourite DIYS from Studio DIY! Seriously how does she do it!

Photos by Studio DIY
21. Donut Balloons: We think these fancy, sprinkled covered donut balloons would be the perfect addition to any party!

Photos by Studio DIY
22. Donut Pinata: Seriously is there any thing more amazing than a giant donut, filled with sugary goodness? We think not!

Photos via Aww Sam
23. Rainbow Funfetti Donuts: I think these might be the most colourful donuts I have ever laid eyes on! And I am sure they taste just as good as they look!

Photos by Aww Sam via Bespoke Bride
24. Edible Donut Necklaces: There’s nothing like telling a friend how much they mean to you by sharing the other half of your “best friends” necklace with them! So, this throwback transforms one of our favorite pieces of statement jewelry into an edible donut to to give to your friends or bridesmaids to say, “you’re my bff!”

Photos by Jeff Mindell via Studio DIY
25. Donut Kaftan: Summers will never be the same again! This donut Kaftan is summer style at its sweetest!

Photos by Jeff Mindell via Studio DIY
26. Donut Beach Umbrella: Come rain or shine, everyone needs a donut umbrella in their life!

Photos via Aww Sam
27. Pool Float Donuts: Pool floats are seriously on trend right now! I can just imagine chilling in a pool on my flamingo float eating one of these bad boys! That would be my summer made!

Photos by Jeff Mindell via Studio DIY
28. Painted Donut Collar: Can you believe this look cost just $20 to buy and make!

Photos by Jeff Mindell via Studio DIY
29. Graphic Donuts: These donuts have some serious sass! They would be so much fun for a party, a birthday, just about any occasion really.

Photos via Aww Sam
30. Donut Ice Cream Bowls: I am pretty sure donut ice cream bowls are going to be huge this year! Remember where you saw it first!
Now if that doesn’t make you want to head out and buy a box load of donuts, I don’t know what will!

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