Beautiful, oh-so-fragrant lilac is one of our favorite springtime wedding flowers — the elegant, long-stemmed flower adds color and texture wherever it’s featured. And while they are the perfect shot of color if you’ve chosen a purple color scheme, lilacs also come in other hues, like white and the palest of pink. If you love lilac as much as we do, you’ll be utterly inspired by these stunning lilac-filled bridal bouquets.

Purple Lilac and Snowball Viburnum (above): Love this lush, elegant combination of deep-purple lilac stems mixed with tufts of fluffy snowball viburnum.

Lilac and Peonies: Lilacs also look great mixed with large, showy blossoms like these blush-pink peonies.

All-Lilac Bouquet: Purple lilac also looks striking and chic on its own, no other flowers required.

Spring Bouquet: Another idea would be to mix in purple lilac stems with other gorgeous springtime blooms like fritillaria, clematis, and garden roses.

Blush-Pink Lilac: Lilac also comes in a couple of other hues, including white and pale pink, as seen in this lush, oversize bouquet.

Deep Jewel-Toned Bouquet: For something a bit more lush and organic, start with purple lilac and add plum-colored foliage, deep-purple fringed tulips, and fritillaria to create drama and depth.

Source: Bride