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handle guests who don't like wedding

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In this day and age, everyone has an opinion and isn’t afraid to voice it, from online ratings to social media rants. If some of that negative feedback is making itself known as you’re planning your wedding — or even on the wedding day itself — it can really put a damper on your spirits. Here’s what our experts have to say about handling guests who aren’t afraid to tell the bride what they think.

Opinions can come out any time, from a grandmother who’s not a fan of the blush gown you’ve fallen in love with while wedding dress shopping to an aunt who’s surprised to see you’ve swapped out a tiered wedding cake for a display of homemade pies. As the bride, it can be hard to not take these opinions personally, but remember that they’re not an attack on you. If the disapproval seems to have good intentions, take a few moments to explain why the two of you made the choice that you did. Maybe your mom’s sister doesn’t realize that apple pie is your groom’s all-time-favorite dessert, and that the recipe has been handed down in his family for centuries. Once she knows you’re trying to create a day that’s personal to you (not throw out tradition just for the sake of it), you’ll probably get a better response.

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Any negative feedback that’s got an air of bitterness is worth ignoring all together. A simple smile and “Thank you for your opinion, I’ll keep that in mind,” or “I appreciate your concern, please know that Adam and I have discussed these decisions in detail,” is a quick way to end the conversation. Avoid the temptation to let Bridezilla out and fire back — it will do more harm than good. As long as you’re planning the wedding you’ve dreamed of, are making choices along with your fiancé, and are thrilled with how it all turns out, the smile on your face will be more than enough to keep most naysayers at bay!