JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers Reveals Wedding Must-Have

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She has yet to set a date or solidify a wedding venue, but The Bachelorette‘s JoJo Fletcher does have one major must for her big day on lockdown — and it’s got us clamoring for an invite! Fletcher and her fiancé Jordan Rodgers haven’t been the most forth coming with their upcoming wedding plans as of late. However, the Bachelor Nation alum just revealed the one big day detail she and Rodgers have decided is a nuptial necessity.

Since getting engaged on last season’s finale of The Bachelorette — with a 3.75-carat engagement ring by Neil Lane, no less… — Fletcher and her fiancé have been oh-so-slowly planning their wedding, revealing last month that they weren’t even sure where their wedding will take place. “We’re trying to figure out where it’s going to be,” Rodgers previously shared with E! News. “We have family in California, family in Dallas…” he explained. But at least we now know that they’ve got one big day to-do checked off. So what’s the pair’s wedding requirement? Chipotle burritos, of course!

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“I am big on floral arrangements,” the bride-to-be recently revealed to Womanista. “But also — and this is crucial — a late-night Chipotle mini burrito bar for guests as they are leaving,” she shared.


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Besides the food, the couple’s other wedding plans are still pretty much up in the air. “We are still in the process of figuring it all out,” Fletcher said of their future nuptials. “We talk about it often but haven’t decided on location, when, etc yet. To be honest, we love this period right now where we get to be stress free and actually date and be with each other in a more normal setting, so we have just been soaking that in!”

So for now, the couple is simply enjoying their #engaged status — and of course proclaiming their love for the fast food chain on social media, where they often post pics of their burrito dates.

Can’t wait to dine on one of those burritos come the big day! (We’re invited, right?…)

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