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Whether you’re footing the bill for the big day and feel broke as a joke or are simply the type that can’t turn down a good deal and likes to save no matter what, we’ve got you covered when it comes to all your post-wedding travel and financial needs. Because honeymoons can put a serious dent in your savings account (trust us, we get it), we asked real brides to share their best budget-saving advice for every step of the process.

Set up a Honeyfund
“We skipped the traditional registry altogether and went straight to the Honeyfund idea so we could have guests contribute toward fun activities, flights, hotels, etc. on our honeymoon. Since we’d already been living together for a while, we didn’t need things for the house and were able to afford a nicer trip because of our friends and family’s generous donations.” — Kim

Consider a cruise
“You can always find great deals and if you live on the coast, you’ll save on flights by booking a cruise out of a nearby port. A lot of cruises are all-inclusive too so that also cuts down costs. Plus, you get to see multiple places, which is cool.” — Riley

Use Uber
“We saved money on our European honeymoon by using Uber verse the local taxi services. You get your price before committing so you can compare and Uber is available in a lot of areas of the world so it makes it easy.” — Krysten

Sign up for an airline credit card
“We picked an airline and decided to go all-in on frequent flier points. For example, if you sign up for both the business and personal Southwest credit cards you get a 50,000 signing bonus for each as long as you spend $3,000 on the card in the first three months. Those minimums are super easy to hit when planning wedding stuff! This leaves you with 100,000 Southwest points, which is enough to qualify for companion pass status. This part is key because it basically means you get buy-one-get-one-free on any Southwest flight you book for the rest of the year and all of the next calendar year. Now we have tons of points to use and we only have to redeem points for one ticket instead of two. We’ve already booked several vacations this way and will do the same for the honeymoon and destination wedding.” — Cindy

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Pick a place where your money goes a long way
“If you don’t have your heart set on a specific destination, do some research on countries/locations where the exchange rate is favorable to the US dollar. We personally chose Thailand, and while it wasn’t cheap to get there, we pretty much lived like kings once we did because everything was so cheap!” — Courtney

Plan your trip around peak season
“Even if you have to delay your honeymoon, you can save yourself some serious dough by not booking your trip during high season. Go right before it starts or after it ends to score better deals on hotels and avoid the crowds while still enjoying many, if not all, the perks the city has to offer. Your chances of good weather are higher this way too, as opposed to going in the middle of the off season.” — Netta

Don’t eat every meal out
“If you’re going on a longer honeymoon like we did, I’d recommend only eating one sit down at a restaurant type of meal a day if you can help it. It’s good for both your wallet and waistline! What we did a lot of days was buy a quick and cheap lunch at a local market or grocery store then went out for a nice dinner or vice versa. If a place you’re dying to try is open for lunch, go then! It will be a lot cheaper than getting dinner there.” — Lauren

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