Are we supposed to kneel, sit or stand?

If you’re getting married in a church, mosque or any other site of worship, you need to understand that not all of your guests may share your religious beliefs. You need to keep in mind that this may be some people’s first time entering a solemn place of worship. It would be courteous of you to provide small personalized handouts to inform your guests exactly what is (and is not) expected of them during their time there. For a Catholic ceremony, for example, if guests are not Catholic they may approach Communion with their hands across their chest to receive a blessing, but they are not invited to partake in the Eucharist. This may seem obvious to those raised Catholic, but completely foreign to someone who’s never been in a church before and has no idea what’s going on. By providing your guests small personalized handouts as they enter into the site of worship you will definitely be preventing some awkward situations for more then just a few of your guests.