What are they saying? I can’t hear them!

As a Colorado videographer having filmed or edited hundreds of events, let me give you some wedding advice from a technical point of view. I’ve filmed at venues where the bride & groom were advised that there is no need for microphones or any kind of sound amplification. “It’s a small guest list and I’m sure they’ll be able to hear us without a microphone,” says the unsuspecting couple. This statement makes us videographers cringe because we can already hear your guests’ complaints in our heads. In every wedding I have filmed where the officiant did not use a microphone I always hear the back row mumbling, “What are they saying? I can’t hear them!” Even in small venues you’re going to want to ensure EVERYONE can clearly hear what’s going on. In planning your wedding don’t assume anything. Don’t assume the venue has a sound system. Some don’t, for example, outdoor weddings in more remote locations, garden weddings in local parks or even venues that you would assume have a sound system, may not have anything. Set up a time in advance to discuss with your planner who is covering the sound system and exactly what equipment will be provided. Will the venue be providing these things, or are they coming from the DJ? I’ll say it once more, don’t assume anything. Your solemn wedding vows are the most important words you’re ever going to be saying, make sure we can all hear them!