Does anyone have an iphone charger? We’ve lost the vows!

Our society as a whole has become more and more dependent on technology, which can be a double edged sword. Its convenience saves us time, money and energy for sure, but you shouldn’t 100% rely on technology for your wedding day to actually happen. If you plan on reading your vows from your tablet or smart phone, that’s great… but have a backup paper copy as well. Yes, people still use paper and it does have its advantages! Paper doesn’t require an iphone charger, a smartphone, a laptop or any electrical device at all! Amazing! 🙂 I’ve personally seen grooms drop their iphone walking down the isle, or drop them in the pond or accidentally run over their phone in the parking lot and then be forced to make up their vows on the spot. I don’t think that’s the correct time or place for you or your bride to work on your improvisational skills! Bonus idea: Try writing down your vows on paper for the ceremony. Save those torn and crinkled pieces of paper and for your one year anniversary have them matted and framed for your spouse. They will be so surprised that, let alone you still have them, and bonus, you created a loving and very personal work of art and history to display in your home.