“Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.” – Winston Churchill

When all your vendors are chosen and the work on the day-of timeline begins to take shape, keep in mind to allow your schedule plenty of breathing room. You may think, “I can’t do that, time is money!” Let me say this, time is money, but overtime is more money. A little bit of breathing room between activities is a necessary part of every successful wedding day schedule. Without a realistically planned schedule of the whole day you could easily be going into overtime with all your vendors by the time the first dance was supposed to start. Say your stylist estimates makeup for the bridal party will take an hour and a half. In planning your schedule mark it down as an hour and 45 minutes. Say google maps says the drive from the hotel to the church is 20 minutes, you should mark it down as 30 minutes. Most weddings don’t start on time and that’s fine, the wedding isn’t going to start without you, the bride. But don’t put yourself or your events into a rush due to poor planning. The reception is supposed to be your time to cut loose and have fun, not worry about how you’re going to fit in dinner, the bouquet toss, garter toss, first dance and father daughter dance into the next 90 minutes. Planning a realistic schedule with a bit of breathing room can and will save you from unwanted and unexpected overtime fees from your vendors. Bottom line, you’ve done all the hard work successfully planning your wedding day, now HAVE FUN and don’t stress!