While a wedding after party isn’t required, it’s a fun way to extend the celebrations and make your wedding day last a little bit longer. Of course, a party isn’t a party without guests! We turned to our experts to figure out the best way to let your guests know there’s more festivities to be had once the lights come up.

Keeping your wedding guests well-informed is all about repetition. You don’t want to drive them crazy with the same information over and over again, but you do want to make sure the important details are available in a few different places. The same goes for your after party!

Start with your wedding invitation. An insert or additional card is the perfect place to include the time and location of your after party, as well as anything else guests may need to know (such as if you’re providing transportation, or if they should bring a bathing suit for a late-night dip in the pool). Don’t have a location yet? You should still mention that the after party is happening and provide a time, then direct guests to your wedding website for additional information as it becomes available.

Speaking of your wedding website, here’s where you can get into a little more detail with the plans (or keep everything a surprise!). Be sure to, again, provide the time and location, as well as anything else your guests need to know.

Once your wedding day comes, a few gentle reminders are a great way to encourage guests to keep the party going with you. If your ceremony program includes a timeline of the day, add your after party to the end so they know the night doesn’t end with your sparkler exit. Then, as the dance party is starting to wind down, ask your DJ or bandleader to also remind your guests of what’s coming next and invite everyone to join the newlyweds for a wild all-nighter. Make sure your wedding party knows the plan, so they can answer questions for guests and encourage them to make a night of it!

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