Don’t want to wait to walk down the aisle? We don’t blame you! While a long engagement is the right path for some couples, for others, getting married within six months is the way to go. So if you’re considering saying “I do” sooner rather than later, take these pros and cons into mind to help you make your final decision.

PRO: Excitement runs high
Friends and family are most excited about your engagement right after it happens, points out Rachel Jo Silver, Founder of Love Stories TV. “Announcing a date for the wedding and then diving right into showers, bachelorette parties and wedding festivities is a great way to keep excitement up and momentum going for the big day.”

CON: You might have to settle for less
In larger cities especially, planning a wedding in less than 6 months probably means that you’re not going to have a ton of options when it comes to venues (and vendors), as most venues in big cities book up at least 9-12 months in advance, even more in places like NYC, notes wedding planner Leah Weinberg, owner of Color Pop Events. “Or to get the venue you want, it may mean having to settle for a Friday or Sunday wedding.” Snagging

PRO: Better vendor deals
Although your first choice may not be available, if you’re having your wedding on an off day or there happens to be a cancellation, a lot of venues and vendors that usually get booked a year or so out may offer added values because they have already counted on that day not getting booked, tells Regina Young, owner of Meant2Be Events. “Venues and vendors have sales quotas to fill so it stands to reason that the closer you get to the wedding date, the more negotiable they just might be,” adds Florida-based wedding planner Aviva Samuels of Kiss The Planner.

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CON: It’s much tougher to DIY, especially a destination wedding
According to Banta, it’s better to have a longer timeline if you’re planning a wedding without assistance and need the extra time to vet and contract vendors. “It’s also necessary to have ample time in the case that many guests will be traveling long distances and require time to get off of work and make travel plans.”

PRO: You’re forced to be more decisive
With a short engagement, decisions usually need to be made more quickly and since you don’t have the luxury or time to weigh all the options, this typically leads to less indecisiveness, explains Florida Keys wedding planner Lynn D’Ascanio of D’Asigner Events. Kristin Banta, Creative Director of Kristin Banta Events, agrees. “A short timeline forces the couple to get down to the heart of what’s most important. Generally, first instincts are the best and having less time can be beneficial as it omits the tendency to second guess and to spend too much time sifting through images, forcing the couple to plan from their gut and unique point of view.”

CON: There’s a lot more pressure
Tend to get flustered when the pressure is on? Then a short timeframe may take an already stressful set of tasks and send you over your tolerance limits, warns Samuels. “If you know from the get-go that you don’t respond well to pressure, you might consider setting a date well enough into the future to ward off any added stress.”

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