Rob and Chyna

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It’s everyone’s favorite time of year: Halloween, which means you and your fiancé get to dress up as your alter egos. And let’s face it, 2016 has been a pretty exciting year for inspiration between movies, political events, celebrity couples, and yes, even mobile apps. So grab your partner and get working on one of these totally-timely Halloween costume ideas for couples.

Rob and Chyna (Above)
It seems every years is all about the Kardashian sisters, but 2016 belonged to their brother Rob and his fiancé Blac Chyna. And we know you’ve been watching their ups and downs play out on both their new TV show and social media. Give a nod to the expecting couple by dressing as them this Halloween.

For Rob: He’s got it easy with this one. Wear fake tattoo sleeves, black pants, a black t-shirt, and Rob’s signature ball cap.
For Chyna: Choose a tight dress and stuff it with a pillow to emulate Chyna’s baby bump. Or, if you want to fashion yourself after one of the couple’s more well-known photo shoots (pictured above), create a baby bump with the fake tattoo “Baby On Board,” peeking through a black tank and black pants.

Stranger Things

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Stranger Thing‘s Eleven and Mike
Admit it: You and your fiancé binged Netflix’s Stranger Things within 48 hours. And you couldn’t help but fall in love with badass Eleven and her beau Mike. While we can’t promise you an adventure into the Upside Down — or Eleven’s superpowers for that matter — we can promise a lot of thumbs up for this costume.

For Eleven: Find a shortly cropped wig, or cut a brunette wig to a buzz cut. Put on a pink, ’80s style dress with a white color, then top it off with a blue jacket. Add a little fake blood “nosebleed” for full effect.
For Mike: A striped polo shirt with white collar, topped with a khaki jacket. Add khaki pants or ’80s-style jeans and sneakers. For the full effect, push a bike around with you.
Get more DIY instructions here.

bad hombre nasty woman

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Bad Hombre and Nasty Woman
As a nod to the oh-so controversial 2016 election, without going as straight up Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, we love the idea of dressing up as two of the most memorable memes to come out of the third and final presidential debate. Whichever candidate you’re voting for, you have to admit these t-shirts from EpicTees4You’s Etsy shop make a super topical AND ultra-easy Halloween costume for you and your future spouse. Pair them with the accessories of your choosing and you’re good to go for an epic and memorable Halloween costume.

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Pokemon Go

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Did you and your fiancé fall hard for the PokemonGo app this year? Celebrate your love of capturing Jigglypuffs by dressing up as team trainer Ash and everyone’s favorite Pikachu.

For Ash: Jeans, a black t-shirt, a blue jacket with white sleeves, and a red and white cap. Or buy the full outfit here.
For Pikachu: A yellow dress, yellow hat with homemade yellow ears, and a yellow tail. Or buy the costume here.


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The Brexit
Before the United States’ tumultuous election, there was the Brexit. The division that sent the world reeling may be just what brings you and your intended together this Halloween. One of you will represent the EU, the other Britain. Just remember: Your relationship doesn’t have to end like theirs!

For the EU: Wear a blue suit or dress with the flag of Europe’s circle of stars sewn or taped on top — include as many circles as you want!
For Britain: Go all out in a Union Jack flag pantsuit or dress.

Suicide Squad

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Suicide Squad‘s Joker and Harley Quinn
Halloweens past have always belonged to the superheroes, but thanks to The Suicide Squad, this year belongs to the super villains. And who better to dress as than Harley Quinn and the Joker, two of the movie audience’s favorites.

For Harley Quinn: Add pink hair coloring to one half of your head, and blue to the other. Throw you hair up in pig tails. Dress in fishnet stockings, high-top converses, and spandex blue and red shorts. Find a white and red baseball tee and add holes to it as your top.
For the Joker: Color your hair bright, neon green then add white face paint and dark red lips to the look. Wear black pants and an open red button up short-sleeve shirt. Add as many fake tattoos as you wish!

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