You know what they say: you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family, right? Inevitably, at every wedding, there always seems to be a good (if you want to call it that) mix of relatives. From the overly emotional parent to the jealous sister-in-law, here are seven types of family members you’ll find at any big day.

1. The Drunk Uncle
He’s a huge hit with all the groomsmen, can cut a rug like no other and still thinks he can drink like he’s in his freshman year of college. Well, unfortunately he can’t! And while he most likely (fingers crossed) won’t cause a scene on your big day, he will have the rest of your family laughing out loud and/or shaking their heads and everyone teasing him about his antics the following day. You can bet your ass he’ll be hurting at your morning after brunch too.

2. The Jealous Sister or Sister-In-Law
Whether she’s your sister, sister-in-law or first cousin, there’s always that one girl in the family who wants to either try and one-up you every chance she gets or bring you down on your big day. She’s critical of absolutely every decision during the planning process and totes judging you like she’s on TLC‘s “Four Weddings” the actual day of. Um, jealous much?

3. The Wedding Know It All
This could be any female in the fam! But chances are, she’s recently married, around the same age as you and a self-proclaimed wedding expert who isn’t shy about dishing out planning advice even when it’s clearly not wanted. If she’s a bridesmaid, watch out! You’ll likely find her bossing around the wedding planner, instructing the photographer and chastising the DJ because obviously she knows more about your wedding than the people you hired to help.

4. The Cool Aunt
She’s got style and is arguably the best-dressed adult at the wedding. She looks about 20 years younger than she actually is and all the bridesmaids wish they had an aunt as cool as her. She can kick it with guests of all ages and loves herself a good night out sans the kids. Sit her at any table and she’ll strike up a conversation and make your friends laugh. Of course, she’s got moves like Jagger and will only leave the dance floor to fill up her cup but she never gets noticeably drunk.

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5. The Emotional Parent
Most often, it’s mom, however some dads can surprise you out of nowhere too! Get ready for the waterworks because the emotional parent will not only shed tears themselves but also make everyone else cry with an adorably touching speech. You can tell this particular parent loves their daughter or son a ridiculous amount and all that affection makes hearts around the room melt.

6. The Traditional Grandma
The music is always way too loud and she can’t for the life of her understand why anyone would choose a DJ over a lovely live band. While she wasn’t exactly happy about the fact that you were getting married by an “officiant” instead of a preacher or that you opted out of doing the bouquet toss and other traditions, she’s done her best to keep her mouth shut, nevertheless she’s secretly she’s shaking her head wondering what it is with kids these days.

7. The Creeper Cousin
Beware because sometimes it’s the brother too! This dude will start with the bridesmaids then proceed to hit on any single female guests unless he gets a plus one. And even then he’ll still be spitting game (or rather trying to) the entire night until legit everyone has rejected him.

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