It’s a tale as old as time… and one we never get tired of watching! By now, it comes as no surprise that, here at BRIDES, we love love LOVE binge watching truly epic proposal videos. And this one’s a beauty! During a stage production of Beauty and the Beast, the actress playing Belle got a fairytale-worthy surprise when her real life sweetheart appeared on stage — and popped the question!

We’ve seen Disney-themed proposals before and others that took place in the most magical place on Earth — all of them totally picture-perfect starts to countless happily ever afters. There was the one where the groom transformed photos of him and his bride into movie posters of classic Disney films. Another included a mini flash mob in Downtown Disney. Celebs also can’t resist the mouse, as MTV’s Rob Dyrdek proposed to his girlfriend during a performance of Aladdin at Disneyland. But this Beauty and the Beast proposal opens up a whole new world of adorable! (Not the right movie, we know, but work with us here…)

When the actress playing Belle took the stage for the final song of the performance — big yellow ball gown and all — she was surprised to find her boyfriend standing on stage opposite her, dressed in the Prince’s costume. But, hey, the show must go on and without missing a beat, she kept on singing with her love taking over the Prince’s lines (and he’s not a bad singer to boot!). Although the actress shot him a confused glance or two through the song, the pair continued singing, until the music swelled and this real life Prince took it as his cue to make his about-to-be bride feel like a true princess.

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“Now you know why I was so happy this morning, don’t you?” he asked, as this on-stage Belle broke into a huge smile with tears in her eyes. “There’s nothing more that I would love than to spend the rest of my life waking up to you everyday,” he continued, before dropping to one knee, pulling out the engagement ring.

No surprise here, she of course said yes and after a round of applause from the audience, this Prince and his beauty danced around the stage as the ensemble sang the titular song.

And — duh — they lived happily ever after!

Source: Bride