While bridesmaids have a whole list of responsibilities, being a groomsmen sounds, er, pretty easy. Rent a suit, get dressed on time, and escort a bridesmaid down the aisle. Pretty basic, right? The job description may be simple, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few things the groomsmen should keep in mind before they head down the aisle. Our experts have put together a list of things groomsmen can’t forget to do — before the ceremony begins.

Check the Boutonnieres
Take a gander around the group. All boutonnieres should be on the left lapel, and should be pinned in the same orientation. For floral boutonnieres, this means the flowers pointing up, angled ever-so-slightly toward the left shoulder (running parallel to the inner edge of the lapel, where the jacket meets the shirt).

Spit Out Your Gum
You might be surprised to see the planner or venue coordinator holding out their hand for groomsmen to spit out their gum before they walk down the aisle, but it happens pretty frequently! Save the embarrassment and dispose of your gum in advance. You don’t want to be that guy with a wad of gum in his mouth in his buddy’s wedding video!

Put Down Your Phone
Not in your coat pocket, not in your back pocket. Take your phone out of your pocket and put it away — we’d recommend alongside the bridesmaids’ purses so it doesn’t get misplaced. Even the thinnest of phones will stick out in your pocket, especially in a lighter-colored suit. Empty pockets means smoother pants and jackets, which means better photos!

Perfect the Details
Make the rounds and ensure everyone’s tie is tied correctly and is straight and flat. Button your jacket, make sure it’s laying flat over your shirt, and brush off your shoulders and lapels. Then stand up straight, offer your arm to a bridesmaid, and smile!

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