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When it comes to most wedding-related events, the answer to “Who’s planning it?” is usually pretty clear. The bridal shower is hosted by the bride’s female family members or bridesmaids, the bachelorette party is planned by the maid of honor, and the rehearsal dinner is planned and hosted by the groom’s parents. The engagement party, though, is less so — especially if you have family and friends scattered in multiple areas, which could call for more than one celebration. Can the happy couple step in and plan the party themselves? Our experts weigh in.

We love the idea of planning your own engagement party. With a wedding on the horizon, you might as well get in the hosting mindset sooner rather than later. It’s also a great idea if you’ve just gotten engaged and haven’t told anyone beyond your immediate family yet: Plan what your friends think is just a normal get-together, then once everyone has arrived, raise a glass and share the good news!

If you will be celebrating your engagement in a few different places, getting involved in the planning will make sure things are arranged in a timely manner — and that you’ll actually be around for the party! Team up with someone local, whether one of your parents or a close friend, to help you find the perfect place and make other arrangements, but doing the inviting yourself will get your guests excited as soon as they know why you’ll be in town.

Of course, there’s something really special about hosting an engagement party in someone else’s honor, so keep your options open and don’t be afraid to pass the reins to a family member or friend who would like to plan the party for you. Being the guests of honor is great, too!

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