Autumn Leaves Video Productions is happy to help you with videos geared towards documentation purposes such as interviews, depositions and family documentaries.

When producing videos strictly based on interviews alone we pay close attention to make the visuals perfect. Depending on the size of the room we are filming in, we use either a two or three point lighting system. If you can send us images and dimensions of the room you would like us to film in we can give you our recommendations as to which lighting setup we can offer you. We use lavalier microphones for recording clear audio which is monitored throughout the duration of filming. We use two DSLR cameras with one framed at a wide shot and one close up. If you would like music under your video we can certainly add that. Our music subscription service is Due to licensing and copyright laws we only use music we can legally get the rights to.

Interview based videos can be used for several purposes: Depositions, news interviews, family documentaries, educational videos, teaching videos and company testimonials. To see what type of video works best for your needs contact us and we will custom create a package that hits all your goals.